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KAN ELEVATE is a corporate wellness solutions provider for forward-thinking businesses to help employees perform at their highest potential and prevent burnout.

We elevate employee wellbeing focused on:
Sleep, Stress, Mindfulness, and Mental Wellbeing.


We make corporate wellness more accessible, employees more motivated, and your workplace more engaging.

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Online and offline wellness programs that help improve employees' mental and physical wellbeing, with weekly challenges to meet your goals for individual success and as a company.


Engaging workshops via livestream or in-person tailored to elevate your workplace health in four areas:

Better Sleep, Stress Management, Mindfulness, and Mental Wellbeing.


Get employees away from their desks and into a yoga or meditation session to ease muscle tension, de-stress, retain focus, and connect as a team - even when working from home.

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KAN ELEVATE is established on the belief that, even during the most difficult times, businesses thrive when they take care of their most valuable asset: Their employees. 

Corporate Wellness Coach, Vivian Kan (Viv), experienced burnout first-hand from working in fast-paced, demanding corporate environments in finance and tech. Now her mission is to help employees perform at their highest potential and prevent burnout by focussing on Sleep, Stress, Mindfulness and Mental Wellbeing programs.


Viv Kan is certified in Mindfulness Life Coaching, Mental Health First Aid, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and is a 500RYT trained Yoga Instructor. From working with corporates for over a decade, she believes in motivating, inspiring, and engaging employees in a healthy, empowering workplace - benefitting all levels of the organization.


44% of employees reported feelings of burnout at work. You can prevent burnout by encouraging employees to relax and recharge.

- Forbes, Seven Employee Wellness Trends for 2020



Some of our forward-thinking clients that prioritize employee wellbeing.



Get in touch today and find out how we can help set your workplace on the path to better health.

We are based in Hong Kong with a global clientele.

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